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…to help you get clarity during life transitions and deepen your own sacred connection.

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The sacred is always here to guide you…

Sometimes it’s hard to hear our own inner voice, and we need a little support clearing away what’s no longer needed to make room for what is.

Sessions with me can include:

  • Clearing energy from your past that no longer serves you
  • Deepening your connection with angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side
  • Getting clarity on looming decisions
  • Connecting with and/or clearing aspects of your past lives
  • Connecting with, healing, and clearing ancestral energy patterns
  • Clearing energy around your business
  • More awareness of your own energy body and what it’s trying to tell you
  • More awareness and support of your own spiritual tools and gifts

If you’re going through a big life transition, or there’s something that’s keeping you from moving forward, it might be time for an energetic intervention!

Through connecting you with your own unique, divine support system, you get the lightness, clarity and energy to move forward.

Aleyah Swan is an energy healer and intuitive angel medium who loves sharing stories of how the Sacred shows up in our everyday lives.

Listen to how ordinary people have found healing and transformation through their own divine, mysterious, sacred experiences.

You don’t have to ‘do more’ or ‘be more’ to achieve a divine connection. You’re already enough, and you’re Already Sacred!

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Aleyah has a gift for shining a luminous light, with clarity and compassion, on any and all concerns. She creates a safe space for exploring deep, meaningful soul work. Recently, I’ve been feeling very frustrated, stuck, and motionless on how to move forward toward embracing a new, more fulfilling career/life. She provided a thoughtful collaboration on strategies for holistically integrating mind, body, and spirit. The result of this focus helped me break through blocks to find an inspiring path that aligns with my highest good. Aleyah graciously guides you to new levels in your life you did not know existed..

San Diego, CA

I had this profound experience with Aleyah. She really helped me connect to the higher part of me… the part of me that knows no fear… the part of me that knows the right thing to do… that knows the next right step. Having somebody in my corner like Aleyah is so key because she reminded me of the best parts of myself. I had a massive shift from my experience with her.

Toronto, CA

Hi, I’m Aleyah (she/her)

What if the Divine can be more like a beloved friend who comes over in sweatpants, brings you cookies, always knows just what to say, and doesn’t care if you’re ‘perfect’?

With more than 25 years of practicing energetic healing, I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help you integrate your sacred superpowers into your everyday life.

In your sessions, I try to keep the spiritual stuff accessible, practical, and grounded. Nothing is off-limits, even the shadowy stuff.

Together we find the tools you need to get unstuck and feel clear about your next right step. No matter what you’re going through.

I help you clear out old, stuck energy and get to the root of patterns that no longer serve you while connecting with your Spirit Team and making room for all the sacred goodness you deserve.

You’re not alone. Your BFFs on the other side are here to support you. Let’s connect with them together!

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Are you ready to finally feel grounded, clear, and aligned?

Together, let’s connect with your own unique, divine support system, and get that clarity you’ve been craving!

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I hold an inclusive and welcoming space for all of my clients…

I’ve been having sessions with Aleyah for over a year. She’s been a tremendous help guiding me in some tough decisions with work. Her insight and advice have truly been a gift. I’ve grown in many ways as a result of our sessions, and am a much more confident and assertive person when I would have otherwise backed down. This has helped me land a position full of opportunity, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve also learned to ask for help from my guides and be open to seeing, hearing, and following their signs. I can’t thank Aleyah enough…schedule your session today!

Chicago, IL